Art Director | Cinematographer | Editor | Photographer​​​​​​​
With more than 12 years in advertising and project management and with a deep understanding of the fast-paced corporate & marketing environment art director, cinematographer and photographer Nick Stavre has learned the importance of going the extra mile for every project. 
As a result, his creativity, patience, loyalty, advanced technical knowledge and work ethic have driven him into an inspiring international career.  

In a short period of time, Nick managed to create breathtaking projects with well-known brands and celebrities  from all over the world.

In a crowded and fastidious environment with short deadlines, Nick offers to his clients and agencies personalised solutions that stand out for their audience.

Romania, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Spain, The United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary and the United States of America.

In 2018, an anti-government protest has shook the Romanian civil society. Nick Stavre was present at the event, taking unique and breathtaking images of the abuse of power in a democratic country. Euronews quickly published his work and distributed it worldwide through their website. 
In 2009 Nick founded  one of the most important nonprofit medical organisations in the Eastern Europe, ARISU (Romanian Emergency Rescue Association).

Certified Project Manager by TUV-Austria
Certified Colorist by C.G.C., Los Angeles, US
Branding Foundations, NASBA, Nashville, US

1st Place for Originality - Civil Society Gala
1st Place for Innovation - CCIFER Gala
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